How to install Laravel 8 without Livewire / Inertia / jetpack , but with the Old Laravel/UI

Laravel 8 came up with some new features, that for some might require additional learning curve. Specially talking about - livewire / intertia  / jetpack. Livewire/ Inertia are mainly in hand when you are working with Vue, and jetpack`s main purpose is to deal with blade easily.


However, we can still install the old laravel/ui package, that was introduced in laravel 7, and here is how to do it:

Lets assume we have a new laravel 8 installation via composer:

laravel new myprojectname


After that, simply install laravel/ui package:


composer require laravel/ui


And after its installed, type:


php artisan ui bootstrap --auth


Thats everything you have to do.