How to install Laravel 8 without Livewire / Inertia / jetpack , but with the Old Laravel/UI

Laravel 1 month ago· Views: 289

Laravel 8 came up with some new features, that for some might require additional learning curve. Specially talking about - livewire / intertia  / jetpack. Livewire/ Inertia are mainly in hand when you are working with Vue, and jetpack`s main pur...

How to make a dynamic calendar with Laravel 7 /Blade syntax

Laravel 5 months ago· Views: 696

Worked on a small project that was about a website that must render a calendar for dynamic years, and point out of its a vacation, and some type of text for it. This is one of the pages ( the homepage ), which loops thru all months in the given acti...

Laravel 7 How to upload Images with a Trait - reusable

Laravel 5 months ago· Views: 607

Here We going to see how to upload images or other files, using Traits that can be used in a multiple Controllers without stuffing the Controllers page with unneeded code.   Traits in general are used when we need multiple methods in a differe...